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Delta Law provides sound law and policy advisory service on fingertips of the clients, based on their need and affordability with its authentic and reliable service.

Drafting | Outsourcing

Delta Law drafts, reviews and analyze various contracts, corporate documents, law and policy documents and provide legal outsourcing service for corporates and law firms through its virtual helpdesk, virtual lawyer and call center.

IP Registration

Delta Law Firm is the best service team for prompt and complete services for the protection of your intellectual property. For this, we provide support on IP Registration, IP Policy Drafting, and IP Contracts.

Entity Registration

: Delta Law Firm provides a very professional service on registration of an entity at affordable price.. Entity registration include registration of Company, Not-for-Profit Associations, Industry, Private Firm as well.

Licensing | Regulatory

Delta Law has been a very successful on assisting its clients to manage their regulatory affairs whether it be licensing, annual returns and regulatory approvals.


Delta Law provides the best quality litigation service with its state of art research tools on legal research. Its litigation service is widely expanded across the nation and the tier of the court.

Practice Areas

Banking | Insurance | Capital Market
Corporate and Regulatory Affairs
Cyber crime | Cyber Security Laws
Digital Banking | FinTech | E- Commerce Laws
Foreign Investment | Venture Capital
IPR | Software Laws
Labor & Employment
Media & Entertainment Laws
Merger and Acquisitions
Telecom | Internet Laws
Tourism | Hospitality | Sports

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Delta Law  Private Limited is a Kathmandu based Full Service quality law firm having wide range of expertise and experience with global reach and standards. With the motto of “serving clients interest first”, Delta Law is one of the most trusted law firm in Nepal that provides quality service to client’s need through innovation, excellence, practical and accurate legal solutions.


“The most trusted global law firm from Nepal”


To help clients legal requirements with the best legal solutions. We shall achieve this by combining the sheer dedication and motivation of our highly skilled people with state-of-the-art technology against a backdrop of an organization-wide culture of shared learning, mutual respect, and continuous research and quality enhancement.

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Cyber Crime Investigation and Nepali law

Cyber Crime Investigation and Nepali law

Cyber Crime is an act of creating, distributing, altering, stealing, misusing and destroying information through the computer manipulation of cyber space; without the use of physical force and against the will or the interest of the victim. Though it is not new discovery, it has became buzz word recently when […]

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विद्युतीय कारोबार ऐन २०६३ को  दफा ४७ को चिरफार

विद्युतीय कारोबार ऐन २०६३ को दफा ४७ को चिरफार

अधिवक्ता प्रभातकुमार गुप्ता न्यायलयमा विद्यमान भ्रष्ट्राचारलाई उजागर गर्न भनि अदालत भित्र डिजिटल रेकर्डर लिएर गए । सर्वोच्च अदालतका सुरक्षाकर्मीले उनलाई पक्राउगरी प्रहरीलाई जिम्मा लगायो । प्रहरीले उनलाई विद्युतीय कारोबार ऐन, २०६३ को दफा ४७ अन्तर्गत अनुसन्धान गर्यो र आखिरमा उनलाई सोहि कानुन अन्तर्गत काठमाडौं जिल्ला अदालतमा मुद्दा दायर गरियो । […]

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इन्टरनेटमा अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रता

इन्टरनेटमा अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रता

कुनै पनि समाज कति लोकतान्त्रिक छ भनेर मापन गर्ने आधारभूत मापदण्डहरुमध्येको प्रमुख मापदण्ड हो त्यस कुनै समाजका सदस्यहरुको विचार तथा अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रताको प्रत्याभूति । विचार तथा अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रताको अभ्यासमा पछिल्लो कालमा सूचना तथा संचार प्रविधि, अझ भन्ने हो भने इन्टरनेटको विकासले ठूलो योगदान पु¥याएको छ । सीमा विहिन स्पेशमा आफूलाई […]

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