Bal Krishna Joshi


Bal is a passionate Tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of FinTech experience . He has played an important role in the building a democratic digital ecosystem to provide cross-border digital banking access to those in the base of the pyramid.

His biggest achievement till date has been developing a solution that removes barrier to entry for non-licensed entities to offer hyper-local digital remittance services . It challenges the business model pioneered by Western Union in 1872 where only the licensed entities could acquire customers.

He is also known as world’s famous “Internet goat” seller. In 2001, he founded an e-commerce company that sold live goats to Nepalese migrant workers abroad. Using the portal, they could send goat as a gift to their families in Nepal. This goat company evolved into a global FinTech company.

He is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, USA and was named Alumnus of the year 2003.