Mr. Ananda Gautam
Cyber Policy Consultant

Mr. Gautam is a graduate of Networking and IT Security from London Metropolitan University and has been involved as a Cyber Policy consultant for different Non-profits, Local governments, and other private institutions of Nepal. In a nutshell with the academic of Network and IT Security, he has experience working on shaping Internet Policies at the National and Regional Level. 

He has been involved in several activities related to internet governance under different capacities which include being part of the organizing committee for the National Internet Governance Forum, School on Internet Governance. He has also contributed to different cyber policies and the Initiation of Child Safety Initiative. He has been involved in research, capacity building, awareness, debates, and policy interventions in the field of internet governance across Asia and the Pacific.

In addition to his professional engagements in Internet Governance, He has represented in APRICOT 2018, InSIG 2019, CNX (Community Network Exchange) APAC 2019 as a fellow, and CNX APAC 2020 as a speaker. He was also selected as a Next-Gen Fellow for ICANN 68, Net Mission Ambassadors Program 2019/2020, IGF Youth Ambassador 2020. Mr. Gautam has been contributing to Nepal IGF by being part of the organizing committee and representing Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group, Election committee, Virtual conference Working Group and Drafting Committee Member in Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF).

Additionally, he also writes about emerging issues in Internet Governance such as freedom of expression online, Community Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. He is a Diplo alumnus and recently has completed a course on AI Governance and Policy Frameworks.