FinTech Law, Policy & Practices in Nepal


FinTech simply refers to businesses that are using technology to operate outside of traditional financial services business models to change how financial services are offered. This includes firms that use technology to improve the competitive advantage of traditional financial services firms by providing faster and more convenient products and services to their customers. This refers to those non-bank technology companies that have entered into the financial services space, as well as this, applies to the legacy of financial institutions that are deploying and developing innovative new technologies. FinTech also covers the entire range of products and services that have historically been provided by financial services firms and includes cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, online lending, payments, wealth management, and account aggregation. Fintech-related policy measures can be usefully classified into three groups: (i) those that directly regulate fintech activities; (ii) those focused on the use of new technologies in the provision of financial services; and (iii) those that promote digital financial services more specifically.


  1. Objective of the webinar is to discuss various dimension of  law, policy and practices of FinTech in Nepal. The Discussion will focus on following issues:
  • Aspects of FinTech: e.g. Money and Payment, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance
  • Technological Trends: e.g. cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, AI & Big Data
  • FinTech Regulation: Law and Policy in Nepal
  • FinTech Impact: Data-driven finance, technology impacts in economies


Day One
1:00-1:30 PMRegistration/Entry
1:30-2:00 PMOpening Plenary
2:00-2:45 PMFinTech Industry: Opportunities and Risks
2:45-3:30 PMLegal Aspects of FinTech & Regulatory Issues
3:30-3:45 PMTechno-Legal Quiz
3:45-4:45 PMSecurity of Digital Banking
Day Two
2:00-2:45 PMFuture of FinTech: Blockchain, Crypto currency and Digital Cash
2:45-3:30 PMAML, Terrorism Financing and FinTech
3:30-3:45 PMTechno-Legal Quiz
3:45-4:45 PMConsumer Protection in FintTech


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