Clean Feed Policy: Promoting The Indigenous Advertising

Clean Feed Policy is an instrument that allows foreign channels to broadcast in the country without having foreign advertisements in their programs. The main motive of the government behind trying to introduce the clean feed policy is to promote the indigenous advertising industry and domestic TV channels. Clean Feed Policy 2073 was implemented by the Council of Ministers, Office of the Prime Minister, the Government of Nepal on 7th Shrawan 2073.

The mottos of the Clean Feed Policy 2073 are as following:

  • To make the foreign television channels advertisement free,
  • To broadcast the advertisements of products of the multinational corporations through the Nepalese television channels that helps to be Nepalese advertising agencies self- reliant,
  •  To enhance the quality of the quality of the programs that are broadcasted on Nepalese channels,
  • To prevent the trespassing Nepalese language and culture,
  • Employment generation and revenue collection through the increment in the Nepalese advertisement industry,
  • Develop the television business as an industry in Nepal by promoting the production, broadcasting in Nepal.

The Advertising Regulation Bill was welcomed as well as protested. It has provided for the adoption of the clean feed policy to fulfill the objectives mentioned above. This policy helps to grow the revenue of local media and the government will be benefitted from more tax revenue. It expands the domestic advertisement market that stops the outward flow of money. A clean feed policy can set up the base for fair competition between products that are manufactured in Nepal against those imported. It will contribute to reducing the country’s trade deficit.

Legal provisions

Section 6 of the Advertisement (Regulation) Act, 2076 makes the legal provision that the foreign television channels that are being broadcasted in Nepal have to broadcast without having foreign advertisements. Section 6(2) states that at the time of the commencement of this Act, the institutions having made agreements by downlink with foreign channels, have to broadcast without the advertisements within 1 year of the commencement of this Act. The offenses regarding clean feed is punished with a fine up to 5 lakhs rupees as per section 25(3) of the Act.

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